RPG games to remember

best rpg games to remember

My favorite RPG inspired by an animation series.

I seen hundreds of episodes from South Park so when they released their game “South Park: The Stick Of Truth” I was up for that. This is a bad, disgusting game just like the show. So I see it’s meeting all the criteria for my vote. If you dream of playing in one of the episodes this game will give yo just that. Gamespot rated this at 7 out of 10. From the perspective of doing things that you normally won’t in real life this gets my 10 out of 10 vote.
Grown as an American you can’t miss Dead State. You get to be the leader of a survivor group. As I mentioned this is aimed for American culture, zombies couldn’t miss. This is still in beta but from the looks of it seems it will be a good one.
The Witcher with the Wild Hunt is the 3 of their series. This is planned for release on 2015 so I can’t say much as I only seen the trailers. Trailers that are looking encouraging. Another future release to follow is Cyberpunk 2077. Here is a teaser:

A game that still freaks me out and I love to play it every time is Shadowrun Returns. It works nicely on Windows, but I know it was released for Linux, Android and iPad. With five races from you to choose so that you get to battle. While you progress you are given ‘karma’ (points) that you can spend to upgrade your player. They have plenty of campaigns to choose from and you can download those from their site. The story line is somewhat a conspiracy one. The thing is that you depend by your team. So it’s important how you build your character as this will influence how you communicate.
Use the comment function to let everyone know what are your RPG games you wait for or those that already are out and made an amazing impression.

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